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Our new app based 1 Year Fixed Saver is a secure and flexible way to grow your money, and we’re offering an incredible fixed 3% AER/Gross* interest rate for the first 100 eligible customers who join the beta waitlist and a competitive fixed 1.4% AER/Gross for the rest who sign up.
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* Annual Equivalent Rate or AER is a figure which shows what the interest rate on an account would be if interest was paid for a full year and compounded.
** To be eligible for the 3% AER/Gross you must meet the following criteria; be within the first 100 customers to join the waitlist, onboard to the Tandem app within 24 hours of receiving your beta download invite email and commit a sum of £5,000 minimum for one year to your 1 Year Fixed Saver account. Your interest will be paid out after 12 months. You will not be able to access your money until a period of 12 months has passed.

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We're launching our new app based, 1 Year Fixed Saver. By signing up to our waitlist, if you lock your money away for one year you get a competitive interest rate of 1.4% AER/Gross OR you may find yourself in the lucky first 100 customers awarded a 3% AER/Gross interest rate. Did someone say win-win?

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