we're tandem, and helping people save money makes us happy.

We're the bank that's got your back. Our savings services helps you start and continue saving money, because we believe that once you start building a savings habit, it's pretty addictive.

Save for Later is a collection of articles, stories, tips & tricks which we thought might be good for helping people save money, so we wrote about it and put them on here for you to read.

While you're here, we're launching our new 1 year fixed saver and could do with your help, join the beta waitlist today and you'll be able to save with either a competitive interest rate of 1.4% AER/Gross, or you may find yourself lucky enough to be in the first 100 customers who will receive an incredible 3% AER/Gross.

Help us build the future of tandem

We're launching our new app based, 1 Year Fixed Saver. By signing up to our waitlist, if you lock your money away for one year you get a competitive interest rate of 1.4% AER/Gross OR you may find yourself in the lucky first 100 customers awarded a 3% AER/Gross interest rate. Did someone say win-win?

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